ViRtUaL CMMI® v2.0:
Foundations of Capability

+ Building Development Excellence

September 15-17, 2020  |  Via Zoom





SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Due to the difficulties posed by COVID-19, the CMMI Institute is
allowing remote delivery of its Certified CMMI classes through December 31, 2020.
Join us this summer -- at a distance -- for safe, fun, and surprisingly effective virtual CMMI training!

Virtually Entertaining

The reviews from our first 20 virtual classes are in: Despite the lack of a physical, in-person presence, students actually enjoyed the experience... and, more importantly, learned.

"I appreciated your superior delivery of the course material and the skill you have providing humor and engaging the audience." - June 2020 virtual class attendee

"I just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable week. I was not sure how virtual was going to go, but we had a great group and your energy really kept it going... [Our Company] money was well spent and... the three of us are excited about taking this forward." - June 2020 virtual class attendee


Each info-taining class is jam-packed full of 98% lively, original content that
you won't get from anyone else. (See 10 sample slides.)
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Nationally recognized Instructor

Our energizing instructor "Wild Bill" Smith has taught certified CMMI classes to more students than anyone else in the world (246 classes delivered to 3759 students, through May 2020)!

"I do think that [virtual delivery] depends on the instructor and his/her ability to keep the class engaged. Our instructor excelled at that." - June 2020 virtual class attendee

"Bill did an excellent job presenting information in a way that was interesting and providing plenty of examples ensuring that we understood the concepts." - May 2020 virtual class attendee

Bill's won multiple industry awards, and has trained a dazzling array of corporate and government clients in the CMMI.

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Geeral Electric

No Death-by-slide!

Our CMMI classes -- whether virtual or in-person -- are unlike any other. Stocked with 98% original content you can't get anywhere else, our courses keep you awake, engaged, and constantly learning!

"It exceeded the objectives. I learned the material and it was presented in an interesting and engaging way." - June 2020 virtual class attendee

"The instructor's high energy made it engaging and it was easy to participate." - June 2020 virtual class attendee

Our Foundations of Capability and Upgrade courses come with our own, original online 60-question practice Certified CMMI Associate practice exam to prepare you for the  real one. (See 5 sample questions.)
Dunno Zoom? Our one-page Zoom Cheat Sheet and Wild Bill's hand-crafted four-page Zoom Guidelines for My CMMI Classes will get you started. (Meanwhile, that other instructor is still trying to figure out Zoom!)

Practical Exercises

Our pragmatic approach to the CMMI focuses on building business value, not shelf-ware. We'll help you unlock the mystery of CMMI with exercises and examples that our students consistently describe as "down-to-earth" and "relatable." We use special Zoom breakout groups to let you work with and learn from other students, while absorbing key model concepts and addressing real-life scenarios.

"I thought the use of the breakout groups was superior to in-person training – being able to work in truly isolated groups allowed for stronger focus." - May 2020 virtual class attendee

"Zoom was a solid tool to use, especially with the breakout sessions for group exercises... I was able to engage with the exercises, listen to the presentations, and had no difficulty following the content. I attended in-person training [from Bill] in 2019, and the ultimate end result – 'Did I learn in a way that was engaging and helpful to my understanding of CMMI?' was pretty unaffected by the switch to virtual learning." -- May 2020 virtual class attendee

Our classes sell out   |  Only 15 per class  |  No exceptions, no whining  |  There's no crying in CMMI


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Sept 15-16, 2020

8 am - 5:15 pm ET

please enter Zoom call between 7:30 and 7:55 am

Foundations of Capability

pre-requisite to courses below

Sept 17, 2020

8:30 am - 4:30 pm ET

please enter Zoom call between 8:00 and 8:25 am

Building Development Excellence

required for CMMI-DEV V2.0 appraisal team members

We've never canceled a class due to low enrollment. (Unlike those other instructors!)


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Your sofa? A beach? Anywhere with wi-fi!

Access to the Zoom teleconferencing is required. Need Zoom help? Download our class-customized Zoom Cheat Sheet and Wild Bill's four-page Zoom Guidelines for My CMMI Classes.

Rock'n bonuses!

Just say no to death-by-slide. We now feature at least 98% original, exciting content in each class!!!


Unlike other vendors, we provide:

  • Online access to our unique 60-question practice CMMI Associate Exam -- to help you prepare for the real one. See how you do on these 5 sample questions. (Need the answers? That's what our class is for!)

  • Proprietary pdf files of all of our dynamic and engaging class slides and exercises. (See 10 sample slides!)

  • Invaluable CMMI guidance documents (pdfs) including CMMI V2.0 Model At-a-Glance, Adoption and Transition Guidance, Method Definition Document Quick Reference, and Practice Mapping. Actually, you should really have one of those even before class, so here it is: the most useful and fantabulous CMMI reference guide! (You're welcome.)

  • Handcrafted guidance on how to have a successful virtual class experience, including our Zoom Cheat Sheet and Wild Bill's four-page Zoom Guidelines for My CMMI Classes.

What's Included


You'll need:

  • Shhhhh... a quiet place

  • Internet access

  • A computer with webcam and microphone.

Your system must meet Zoom guidelines. (We provide our own Zoom hints, too!)

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We give you:

Which Classes ARE FOR YOU?

You'll start with Foundations of Capability. It's the pre-requisite to all other CMMI Institute-certified V2.0 courses, covering basic CMMI V2.0 concepts, the model architecture, and the "core Practice Areas" (i.e., the best practices common to the pre-defined benchmark model views: Development, Services, and Supplier Management).

(For this class to be truly useful, though, you'll need to supplement it with one or more "Building Excellence" classes.)

If you're heavily involved in your organization's CMMI Development V2.0 initiative, you'll also want to take the Building Development Excellence class. In fact, it's a requirement for anyone serving on a CMMI-DEV V2.0 appraisal team.

This class covers content specific to CMMI-DEV V2.0 (e.g., the Technical Solution and Product Integration practice areas), guidance on using CMMI V2.0 in a development environment, and -- more than anything else -- plenty of exercises to reinforce your knowledge.

The Building Service Excellence class is for people deeply involved in a CMMI Services V2.0 initiative. It's also a requirement for CMMI-SVC V2.0 appraisal team members.

The course introduces content specific to CMMI-SVC V2.0 (e.g., the four Service-specific practice areas) and guidance on using CMMI V2.0 in a service environment. Count on the class to be extremely exercise-intensive.

About the Online Model Viewer and CMMI Associate Exam

* CMMI V2.0 is available online, via subscription only. Your tuition includes access to the CMMI online Model Viewer for 30 days. Access typically begins a few days before class; we recommend you download a pdf copy of the model and have it accessible during class in case of Model Viewer access issues.

** Although passing the Certified CMMI Associate exam is not required to complete the course, it is required to serve on a CMMI V2.0 appraisal team. Your Foundations of Capability tuition includes a credit to register with the CMMI Institute to take this exam online. The credit must be used within 30 days after the class begins.

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Tuition and Enrollment

Online registration ends at 5 pm Eastern time on Thursday the week before class, or when the class is full -- whichever comes first.

If class is full, you'll receive a message stating this when you attempt to register. E-mail us to be added to the waiting list, in case of any cancellations.

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Foundations of Capability (2 days)
+ Building Development Excellence (1 day)
+ Building Service Excellence (1 day, 10/30 or 12/10)

Only $2090 (3 or more: $1970 each)

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Foundations of Capability (2 days) + Building Development Excellence (1 day)

Only $1590 (3 or more: $1490 each)

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Foundations of Capability (2 days) + Building Service Excellence (1 day, 10/30 or 12/10)

Only $1590 (3 or more: $1490 each)

Our Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with any of our classes, you may leave within the first half of class and receive a full refund.

We're confident, of course, that this won't happen. We simply want to make your enrollment as worry-free as we can.


See you in class!

A la carte pricing:

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Foundations of Capability - Only $1190 (3 or more: $1090 each)
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Building Development Excellence - Only $540 (3 or more: $490 each)
Pre-requisite: Foundations of Capability
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Private classes

Got 5 or more students? We'll arrange a private class, just for you! Book a virtual class for $9500 + $500 per student for the Foundations of Capability and Building Development (or Service) Excellence bundle.

Brian Happily Flings A Monkey

Brian Happily Flings A Monkey

Susan Rocks Our Hawaiian Shirt Day

Susan Rocks Our Hawaiian Shirt Day

The Infamous "Charlie Sheen" Class

The Infamous "Charlie Sheen" Class

Elizabeth And Her New Prize

Elizabeth And Her New Prize

Example Class Slide

Example Class Slide

Method Masterminds: A Winning Team!

Method Masterminds: A Winning Team!

Bill Gets A CMMI Institute Surprise

Bill Gets A CMMI Institute Surprise

Yoda: May the CMMI Be With You

Yoda: May the CMMI Be With You

Example Special Presentation

Example Special Presentation

Monkeys Ride A Killer Bunny

Monkeys Ride A Killer Bunny