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Distinguished Alumnus

  • M.S., Information Science (Information Systems Specialist), University of Pittsburgh, 1984

  • B.S., Applied Mathematics (Operations Research), Carnegie Mellon University, 1983

Funny Dog Wearing Graduation Cap

About "Wild Bill"

Bill Smith
President | CEO
CMMI® Entertainer
"Flying monkeys with shiny black capes whizzed past my head..."
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" the booming chords of 'Back in Black' shook the seats. A tall, striking bald man strode past wearing a Kiss t-shirt and a blazer, flashing a dazzling smile. Immediately the participants became engaged with the music, almost dancing in their chairs, turning their heads, and anticipating what was to come."

Kim W. Eley, Tickers: What Makes People Tick! And Pursue a Career They Love. "Bill Smith, CMMI Instructor," KWE Publishing, 2016

Powerful Instructor

Man Ripping Shirt Open to Reveal CMMI On Chest

Nicknamed "Wild Bill" for his engaging style and passionate delivery, Bill has taught CMMI Institute certified courses to more people than anyone else in the world.

  • Over 4000 certified CMMI class alumni

  • Average rating: 4.9+ out of 5.0

  • Winner of multiple client awards for training quality

  • Former Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Outstanding Member Representative

"Mr. Smith has crafted a class and overall experience that will definitely be 'memorable'... I’m glad to have taken a class in which I believe I will retain the information long-term. Again, every aspect on the whole was excellent.”

Process Improvement Veteran

Helmeted Turtle On Wheels With Rocket Strapped To Back
  • Key Software Productivity Consortium consultant, 2002-2007

  • Led multiple organizations to targeted CMMI maturity levels

  • Leader or member of Engineering Process Groups (EPGs) for six different organizations

  • Directed or participated in dozens of CMMI appraisals

  • Recipient of multiple conference best presentation awards

Experienced Engineer and Manager

Man Working At Desk So Long He Has Become A Skeleton
  • Successful stints with companies including IBM (artificial intelligence programmer) and EDS (systems engineer)

  • Over thirty-three years in software / systems engineering and management

  • Hands-on experience in all life cycle phases, including several years of software design and programming.

  • Still dabbles in development -- designed and built this website!

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About Us

CMMI® Training
Leading Edge Process Consultants LLC
About Leading Edge


CMMI Institute Partner

Leading Edge Process Consultants LLC is a world-class provider of training in CMMI, a widely adopted framework used by organizations to improve the development and delivery of their products and services.

Founded in 2007 by our President/CEO Bill Smith, we've been a licensed partner of the CMMI Institute and/or Software Engineering Institute (SEI) since 2008. Our headquarters and training space are in Reston, Virginia, conveniently located between Washington DC and Dulles International Airport.

Our mission is to develop and deliver the best CMMI training available. Within two years of our founding, Mr. Smith was teaching CMMI-certified classes to more people than any other individual in the world. He still is, and our list of clients has  steadily grown.

We're fully dedicated to our training business, so we no longer do CMMI consulting or appraisals. We have relationships with companies that do, and are happy to provide recommendations when asked.

Thousands of people have counted on us to deliver effective and even inspirational CMMI training. We hope you will too!

Questions? Call Bill now at 571.232.0146.

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