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Building Organizational Capability (with Dragons)

The official CMMI® Institute certified course, packed with our special bonuses

Why Take This COurse


You'd like to pave the way for better performance ("actual results") in your organization. To help with this, you want to learn about arguably the world's leading performance improvement framework. This is the most comprehensive CMMI course available and is the only one that will help qualify you to serve on an appraisal covering any of the CMMI's eight domains.

Plus, no prerequisites needed. How cool is that?​

This four-day course is the premium CMMI experience.


Who Should Attend

This class should be attended by:


What You'll Learn

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Connect the CMMI with business value

  • Use the CMMI as a tool for improving performance

  • Describe the components of the CMMI -- including the core content plus all domains: Development, Services, Suppliers, Security, Safety, Data, People, and Virtual

  • Use the various CMMI domains effectively to assess, improve, and sustain process capability in different organizational contexts

  • Illustrate the high-level value of a CMMI appraisal

  • Know what it takes to be Maturity Level 2, 3, and beyond

  • Know where to find information in the model



The standard stuff. You'll get these from any Certified CMMI Instructor:

  • ​Certificate of Completion

  • Online Model Viewer access for 30 days

  • One Exam Credit to take the CMMI Practitioner Certification Exam

  • Certification as a CMMI Practitioner upon passing the exam

  • Prerequisite for serving on a CMMI appraisal team appraising for any domains

  • Online access to all standard CMMI Institute slides and exercises

PLUS - Only When We Teach It

Online access to our proprietary 120-question practice CMMI Practitioner Exam. (See 5 sample questions.)

Membership in our exclusive Alumni Club,The Dragon's Den. Containing exam tips, more than a dozen CMMI crossword puzzles, and a forum for questions


Electronic binders of our more than 700 original, sumptuously-illustrated class slides.

Fourteen bonus exercises you can try after class, to fine-tune your CMMI skills for the Exam


Our proprietary 36-page CMMI Quick Reference Guide, listing every practice in the model in one handy pdf

Our famous CMMI Cheat Sheets: six pages of the most useful CMMI graphics around

ISACA's 83-page Adoption Guidance document, describing how to implement CMMI in your organization

Our Special Bonuses


DAY 1​

01 Welcome

02 Performance Excellence & CMMI

03 CMMI Model Structure

04 CMMI Performance Solutions Ecosystem

05 Engineering & Developing Products
      (featuring Robots)

     TS  PI

06 Delivering & Managing Services
     (featuring Steampunk Llamas)

     SDM  STSM

DAY 2​

07 Ensuring Quality (featuring Vikings)

      RDM  VV  PR  PQA

08 Planning & Managing Work (featuring Aliens)

      EST  PLAN  MC

09 Selecting & Managing Suppliers (feat. Gnomes)


10 Managing Business Resilience (featuring Dragons)

      RSK  IRP  CONT


11 Managing the Workforce (featuring Dinosaurs)

     OT  WE  EVW

12 Supporting Implementation (featuring Fairies)
     DAR  CAR  CM

13 Managing Data (featuring Yeti)

     DM  DQ

14 Managing Security & Safety (featuring Unicorns)



15 Improving Performance (featuring Pirates)

     PCM  PAD  MPM

16 Sustaining Habit & Persistence (feat. Wizards)
     GOV  II

17 Goblin Alert
18 Levels

19 Appraisals

20 Next Steps

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