CMMI-DEV v2.0: Building Development ExcellencE

The official CMMI® Institute certified course, packed with our special bonuses

Why Take This Course

This one-day class builds upon your existing knowledge of CMMI V2.0 to provide you with a basic understanding of the CMMI Development (CMMI-DEV) view of the model.


The Foundations of Capability class is a strict pre-requisite.


This class is only available through in-person, instructor-led training by a CMMI Institute Partner organization.

In our delivery of this class, we also provide you with a true appreciation of the model. We'll give you examples and practical implementation guidelines -- not part of the "official" course.

Who Should Attend

This class should be attended by anyone who has had Foundations of Capability and may be:

  • Heavily involved in CMMI-DEV V2.0-based improvement

  • A candidate CMMI-DEV V2.0 appraisal team member

  • Interested in becoming a Certified CMMI Associate or Certified CMMI Professional, and would like to know more about CMMI-DEV for the exam.

  • Simply interested in learning about CMMI Development V2.0.

What You'll Learn

By the end of the course, you should be able to:​

  • Interpret CMMI-DEV V2.0, to serve effectively on an appraisal or process improvement team

  • Know what it takes to be CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 2, 3, and beyond.

  • Discuss each of the Practice Areas unique to CMMI Development v2.0:​

This description has not yet been modified to reflect takeaways from our virtual courses.

  • Online Model Viewer access for 30 days (for students not already provided access through Foundations of Capability)

  • Online access to all standard CMMI Institute slides and exercises

  • Official CMMI Institute certification (upon completion)

PLUS - Only When We Teach It

We've made this course our own, with 98% original content!!!

Unlike every other vendor, we offer:

  • Thrilling, dynamic proprietary slides and exercises

  • Student binder of all 120+ slides

  • Our unique learning environment full of music, game shows, humor, and more!!!

  • Cool swag, for the lucky ones.

Course outline

Our CMMI V2.0 courses are composed of occasional lectures combined with lots and lots of exercises to make sure you understand the model. (Don't worry; the exercises are sometimes "games" -- and they're fun!) To receive credit for the class, students must actively participate throughout the duration of the course, without missing any class time.

You must bring a laptop or tablet to class, to access the online Model Viewer. We also strongly recommend you bring a pdf of the model, either on your laptop or in printed form (in case of technology problems).

Please realize the outline below is subject to change. We're constantly improving our courses based on student feedback.

Day One

Class Kick-off : Wake Up!


1. Introduction

2. Improving Development Performance

3. Development & Agile with Scrum "Views"

    Technical Solution (detail)
    Product Integration (detail)

4. Product Development Approaches

5. Planning & Managing Development

6. Making Technical Decisions

7. Sustaining Habit & Persistence


8.  Analyzing Performance

     Rock'n Game Show

9. Next Steps

Graduation Ceremony

Enrollment options

You come to us.

We come to you!

Public classes

We offer this class regularly at our training center in Reston VA (near DC),

Or we come to you.

Private classes

Got 5 or more students? We'll come to you! Prices start at $3200 + $135 per student.


Bill Smith

CEO | CMMI Instructor​

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