Private CMMI® Classes

Inspire your team with one of our uniquely infotaining CMMI classes delivered at your site.

WHY CHoose Us?

a Seasoned Instructor...

Nationally recognized instructor Bill Smith has averaged a stellar 4.9+ (out of 5) student feedback rating while teaching over 225 certified CMMI classes to more than 3500 students. His private classes have earned multiple, on-the-spot customer awards.

Bill Smith At Reston Town Center

...WHo Will Keep Your Team Awake

We play game shows! We play music! We don't play death-by-slide! All with an instructor so passionately engaging that he's featured in a book: Tickers: What Makes People... Tick! And Pursue a Career They Love!

...and Help Them to APPRECIATE the Model

We emphasize the use of CMMI to improve performance -- not to build mountains of shelfware. We'll provide plenty of examples and "war stories" from our own experience, all so you can make your organization better -- not just compliant. People literally walk out of our classes excited about the model!

Private vs. Public

Why You Might Want a Private Class...

For larger class sizes, perhaps 6-8 or more, it may simply be more cost-effective for us to come to you.

Cost advantages:

  • Lower travel expenses (paying only for one instructor, rather than all of your students)

  • Low incremental price (encourages training people you otherwise could not afford to)

Other factors:

  • More convenient for your employees

  • More control over dates (subject to availability)

  • More targeted class discussions (drawing on examples from your organization)

  • Increased accessibility of your employees to their work environment (during breaks)

...And Why A Public Class COuld be Better

Consider public classes if you're local to the DC area or have fewer than 6-8 students.

Cost advantages:

  • Probably much lower per-student cost (for a small class)

  • We pay for food and beverages

Other factors:

  • We provide the space and all equipment

  • Ability to spread students across multiple class dates (to fit their schedules)

  • Fewer work-related distractions

  • Less "group-think" and more sharing of new ideas (as your students work with people from other companies)

  • More people in class = more examples from students rather than just the instructor


CMMI® Institute Certified

Foundations of Capability + Building Development Excellence (CMMI-DEV V2.0) or Building Service Excellence (CMMI-SVC V2.0)

3 days

prices start at

$9900 + $535/student

CMMI® Institute Certified

Introduction to CMMI® for Development (CMMI-DEV) v1.3

3 days

prices start at

$9700 + $379/student

CMMI® Institute Certified

Development Supplement for CMMI®

1 day | pre-req: Intro to CMMI-SVC

prices start at

$3200 + $199/student

Introduction to CMMI® for Services (CMMI-SVC) v1.3

3 days

CMMI® Institute Certified

prices start at

$9700 + $379/student

CMMI® Institute Certified

Services Supplement for CMMI®

1 day | pre-req: Intro to CMMI-DEV

prices start at

$3200 + $199/student

CMMI® Executive Overview 

3-4 hours

prices start at


All prices depend upon location. Contact us for exact pricing.

E-mail us your desired class(es), company name, location, approximate number of students (if known), and preferred timeframe.

Details vary per class and contract, but for most private classes you provide: students, space, food & beverages (optional), projector or display screen, easels, flip charts, and markers. We bring: our laptop loaded with presentation materials, unique class props, student materials, and other giveaways and prizes.

Previous CLients

Our onsite CMMI® classes have rocked more than 70 locations across North America
CMMI Institute Partner

Bill has taught certified CMMI classes at the following corporate and government sites:



Bill Smith

CEO | CMMI Instructor​

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